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A creative outlet for imaginative minds and active bodies.

In a typical session the children and I create stories around themes such as the seaside, jungle or ancient Egypt using movement and music .We play Yoga games and each session ends with relaxation time.

Yoga Class


Open to all abilites

Students should expect an alignment and energy focused class with fluid creative sequencing. I link movement with breathing to allow the body to release tension; postures are held to build strength.  The goal of my adult class is to encourage awareness and freedom in the body and mind. I modify sequences and postures for differing abilities and levels.

Yoga Mats


On-site classes offering stress-free flat rate fees, and flexible scheduling options.

My corporate classes offer individuals and teams, the opportunity to develop yoga practice through custom-made plans, ranging from general keep fit to restorative team building and stress management.

The key benefit for your business in offering yoga practice for your employees is seen in increased productivity by improving the general wellbeing of your staff.  My classes achieve this by:

  • reducing stress

  • improving posture, flexibility and lung capacity

  • improving general fitness

  • increasing core internal functioning

  • harnessing energy

  • hastening injury recovery

  • improving self confidence



Traditionally yoga was taught on a 1-1 basis. 

We can draw closely on the tools of asana (postures), breath work, meditation, and relaxation techniques to find a practice that is right for you.

 1-1 private yoga tuition enables me to pay even closer attention to an individual’s needs, whatever their level. 

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For more information, please contact me via contact page.

I would love to hear from you, Sophie 

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